Chris Charalambides

Music Producer Mixing Engineer



Chris has been producing music professionally for over a decade. He has the knowledge, experience and tuned ears to transform any melody into a great song and subsequently into something special, infused with essence and aesthetics. His main priority is to develop an overall understanding and vision for the artist, and then create, shape and mould the songs accordingly.

Chris has composed music for a variety of applications, from thematic film scores to radio hit rock songs. He also collaborates with composers and songwriters from around the world.


Chris is the founder of Soundscape Studios which boasts the Solid State Logic AWS 948: this world-class 48-channel analogue console is also used as a control surface for DAW integration with Protools HDX. The studio is equipped with top-end outboard mic preamps, dynamics and effects modules as well as an extensive library of plugins.

In 2015, Chris participated in ‘Mix with the Masters’, an international mixing seminar led by multi-platinum Grammy-Award-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (CLA).


Soundscape Studios is a professional recording production studio situated on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus amidst the pine trees of the Souni Zanakia forest. The studio specialises in recording, mixing, music production, songwriting, composition and audio-post production. Soundscape Studios offers a range of internationally acclaimed services, providing exceptional facilities for all audio applications. The studio covers all aspects of production, innovating and catering for the global scene.

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  • Location: Souni Zanakia, Cyprus

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14 Gregory Avxentiou
Souni Zanakia 4717, Cyprus